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Our freshSTART Story

The origin of Freshstart Equipment Finance, Inc. started 25 years ago. Our sister company, Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. (CFF) has been a leader in prime credit equipment financing since 1995. Throughout the years, CFF was unable to help credit challenged customers. Our inability to provide financing options and programs to customers with less than perfect credit troubled us.

We believe that bad things can happen to good business owners and they deserve quality service and financing options. In 2017, CFF created a separate corporation called Freshstart Equipment Finance, Inc. We have developed highly competitive financing programs to provide less than perfect credit customers with the opportunity of a “Fresh Start”, while leveraging CFF’s 25 years’ experience in the transportation industry.




Fill out a simple 1-page application


Get quick approval


Begin generating revenue

Get Financed in as Little as 24 Hours Even With...

Damaged Credit Score of 500 – 649

Start Ups and Established Businesses Are Welcome

Rejection Letters from Everyone Else

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The Road to a Freshstart

Flexible Terms

Our terms are famously flexible and we offer tailor made financing options that fit your budget.

No Hidden Fees

You don’t have to worry about ‘banker language’ that hides additional fees. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting with our customer-first approach

Low Down Payment

We offer programs with as little as your first and last payment as your down payment.

No Equipment Age Restriction

No matter how old of a truck you are looking to purchase, we can finance it.

Simple 1-Page Application

We rarely need more than your credit application to approve your request. Our simple one page credit application of often enough.

Credit Consideration

We find reasons to approve your request. Don’t be deterred if you don’t have excellent credit because we’ve got options.

Most Experienced Team in Industry

Our team is the most knowledgeable and experienced team in the transportation equipment financing industry.

White-Glove Service

We believe in you and your future. Our team goes the extra mile to treat you with the respect you deserve.

Never buy another piece of equipment without running it through our Budget builder first!

Use Our Budget Builder:

  • Before you buy anything.
  • If you are thinking about upgrading your equipment.
  • If you are going after a new contract and need to buy more equipment to fulfill the contract.
  • If you are thinking about raising your rates and want to see the impact it will have on your profits.

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    Will you pull my personal credit with an inquiry when I apply?

    Yes. We look at both your business and your personal credit when we process your credit application. This is often positive, because some clients have limited business credit, and we can use the strength of their personal credit to approve their financing and put the equipment IN THE NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    Can I talk to someone at freshSTART or is your process only online?

    We love talking in person or on the phone! Feel free to call us directly at 214.731.7676 and speak with a professional who will understand your needs and always recommend the program that benefits you most.

    Does freshSTART just finance trucks?

    No. We finance trucks, trailers and equipment for various industries on a nationwide basis.

    What credit score do I need to finance a new truck?

    Our typical client has a personal credit score of 650 and below. However, credit is not just about personal credit scores. If you have other challenges on your credit can work through them as well.

    What are your interest rates?

    Our rates are competitive to the marketplace. However, in fairness and not to over promise, rates will be higher than traditional “prime” credit financing.

    Do you connect all of my loans and take my equity in other equipment I have financed?

    No. Our financing is fixed-rate and we do not collateralize your other equipment. Each contract stands on its own. This is a unique benefit to financing with Fresh Start vs. our competitors.

    Do you offer 100% financing or do I need a down payment?

    Typically our financing approvals are based on 20% down payment financing. However we will always recommend the program that benefits you, so we are happy to tailor create a financing program that fits your needs.

    What types of equipment does freshSTART finance?

    We finance trucks, trailers and equipment such as big rigs, tow trucks, construction equipment, vocational and delivery trucks. If you are in the transportation industry, we can assist with just about any equipment you need.

    Do I have to buy my truck from a dealership?

    We know that you know what you are doing. Although most of our clients purchase equipment from a licensed dealership, if you find a good deal, we want to help you buy it. Therefore, you do not have to buy your truck, trailer or equipment from a dealership to qualify for our financing.

    How long can I finance my truck or equipment for?

    We will recommend various options that fit your budget and cash flow needs. While most of our contracts are written for 36, 48, or 60 months.

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